Links for 2006-06-01

Solaris kernel is pre-emptible by default

Attempt is made to make Monta vista Linux kernel fully pre-emptible.

Beware: Solaris kernel programmers have to be careful while desigining the code because they should know the points where kernel should not be pre-empted. Where as Linux kernel progammer can be careless as far as pre-emption is concerned because they know that it is only they who can preempt the kernel. In 2.6 Linux kernel pre-emption points are designed such that pre-emption will happen only after critical code is executed. But Solaris kernel is better in the sense that a buggy driver(looping for ever kind of code) should not cause kernel to come down in case we have shell running with real time priority


When performance matters most, mirroring should be highly favored.  If
mirroring  is considered too   costly but performance  is nevertheless
required, one could proceed like this:

    Given N devices each capable of X IOPS. (Input/Output Per Second)

    Given a target of delivered  Y FS blocks per second
    for the storage pool.

    Build your storage using dynamically  striped RAID-Z groups of
    (Y / X) devices.



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